June 14, 2024

My Educon 2.2 Sessions

corporatesce200 This weekend, January 29-31, I will be in America’s winter vacationland, Philadelphia, to participate in a timeless tradition, the annual running of the bull at Educon.

Here are the two “conversations” I’ll be leading at this year’s Educon:

20x20pixelStager Certified Educators Executive Programgirlsce200

Play your cards right and you can leave this intensive, immersive, engaging and transformative session a Stager Certified Educator, complete with I.D. card, certificate of awesomeness (suitable for framing) and web badge for use on your blog or web site. Some educators don’t achieve this much over a lifetime, but you may in less than 90 minutes! You will also gain a greater sense of the issues, ideas and expertise a 21st Century educator needs in order to create more productive contexts for learning. Resources for post-certification learning will be shared.

Session One– Room 204  (10:00 – 11:30 AM)20x20pixel


Papert Matters: Thinking About Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas

Seymour Papert’s work has defined the frontiers of education for 40+ years. Gary will share what Papert’s ideas mean for the future of learning through personal anecdotes, Papert’s words and video clips.

Session Four – Room 204 (10:30 AM – 12:00 PM)

20x20pixelCheck the Educon web site to find out how you can participate in these sessions virtually from your parent’s basement via Eluminate.