June 13, 2024

Make the World a Better Place!

Feeling overwhelmed by unrest in the Middle East, the economic crisis, threats of nuclear annihilation, teacher layoffs, union-busting, the firing of the Aflac duck or potential for a President Donald Trump?

Well, I’m here to spread the good news and tell you that there is something you can do to help yourself and return balance to a troubled planet. Yes, you my friend can take two minutes and vote for Gary Stager in a Tech & Learning Magazine poll!

Never heard of Tech & Learning Magazine? Nobody else has either. But, through the power of social media you can make a difference and help me win what many people refer to as the Nobel Prize for educational technology. I recently had the courage to write an article for this fantastic magazine urging readers not to buy interactive whiteboards, the magazine’s number one advertiser. Surely, that deserves my vote!

I need your help! Heck, I’m not too proud to beg for your vote!

If you care to learn more about me, check out this recent bio.

When you vote, please enter the following information or make up your own crackpot reasons for electing me.

Gary Stager

Executive Director: The Constructivist Consortium


Reasons for voting:

  • Pioneer in 1:1 computing & online learning
  • 29 years of work in edtech
  • Fearless
  • Committed to creativity, computing and children
  • Charming
  • Using computers to amplify human potential
  • Carries the torch for progressive education
  • Gary creates unique learning experiences for teachers, such as Constructing Modern Knowledge
  • The devil made me do it

If there’s anything social media teaches us, it is that we have entered an era of mob rule. No mob rules more than my Twitter followers and their several thousand friends!

Fight truth to power! Stick it to the man! Waste a few more minutes online! Whatever you do, VOTE FOR ME!

On behalf of a grateful nation, I humbly thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Make the World a Better Place!

  1. I’ll vote for you, only if you follow through on the promise in the picture!
    I do enjoy your thought provoking tweets, but beer wins!

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