June 14, 2024

Ready for My Closeup!

I’ve been waiting for months to be able to share this news with you. About 18 months ago I was asked to be in a film about creativity, math, science, engineering and imagination. So I shaved my mustache for the first time since I was eleven and headed down to the “shoot” at a Jetsons-influenced building adjacent to The California Science Center.

The new documentary film, imagine it!² The Power of Imagination. is about connecting imagination and creativity with science and engineering in education. The 52-minute film inspires people to imagine a better world, unleash their creativity and take action to solve global challenges.

DVVD coverI am in august company for my film debut. Other experts interviewed in imagine it!² The Power of Imagination, include:

  • Stanford University President, John Hennessy
  • Author, Sir Ken Robinson
  • Futurist and author, Ray Kurzweil
  • G. Wayne Clough, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution
  • Segway Inventor, Dean Kamen
  • Palm Computing co-founder, Jeff Hawkins
  • Peter Diamandis, CEO, The X Prize
  • Former MIT President and President of the National Academy of Engineering, Charles Vest
  • The Founders of The Blue Man Group


One lesson I learned was not to shave for the first time in 34 years if the film is being shot in HD. The other is that I need a wicked cool British accent like Sir Ken Robinson. He gets an exponentially greater amount of face-time than this humble blogger. He can really rock that accent.

Despite Sir Ken bogarting the film, some of my outtakes are on the Web for you to cherish for years to come.

Stager from film

You may watch the film via the Web or purchase the imagine it!² The Power of Imagination DVD at www.imagineitproject.com. Educators are also encouraged to “remix” the content with tools on the Web site. My outtakes (no bloopers that I know of) may be viewed at http://www.imagineitproject.com/?p=1834

If you can’t get enough of Stager on screen, check out the video from when I rocked NECC this past July!