May 25, 2024

3 thoughts on “Scratch and the Negligent Homicide of Mathland

  1. You left out the part about how Scratch user-defined procedures have to be sprite-local (because they display on some sprite’s scripting area).

    (And you missed the chance to explain how Snap! fixes all these problems…)

  2. Snap! fixes many of these problems (and many more) BUT it copied Scratch regarding Gary’s criticisms of MOVE, TURN, ASK. Compatibility with Scratch perhaps isn’t so important today. And some changes such as the default value for TURN could change in Snap! without introducing Scratch compatibility or backwards compatibility problems.

  3. Gary,
    Thank you for always speaking truth, even if unpopular.

    Not to mention leaving out Reporters (aka functions that return values).

    I just don’t understand the reasoning for this. What is a Mathland without (recursive!) functions?

    And, yes, thank heavens for Snap!

    Scratch has accomplished so much. If only it would now use its powerful position to fix these things.
    Regards, Mark

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