July 24, 2024

She Literally Wrote the Book on Photoshop!

I organized the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute to create a space where educators have the time to be creative, experience the ways in which computing can enhance learning and interact with some of the greatest thinkers of our time.

I’m thrilled that Lesa Snider is part of the CMK 2009 faculty.

She literally wrote the book on Photoshop!
Lesa Snider King

I often tell people that I am “Photoshop disabled.” I know how to use about 1% of what Photoshop can do and am often confused by the software. Lesa Snider is such an amazing teacher that her clever examples and clear presentation helps me understand the complexities of this critical software. Her expertise in digital photography and image manipulation allows her to tailor instruction for any learner.

Lesa is on a mission to teach the world to create and use better graphics. She’s a stock photographer and Chief Evangelist for iStockphoto and founder of the creative tutorial site GraphicReporter.com. Lesa is the recent author of Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual along with many video training titles, including: Graphic Secrets for Business Professionals, From Photo to Graphic Art, and Practical Photoshop Elements. She writes regularly for Macworld Magazine, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Elements Techniques, and Layers Magazine. Lesa is also a corporate trainer and teaches at many industry conferences including Photoshop World, Macworld Expo, Mac Mania Geek Cruises, and the esteemed Santa Fe Workshops.

Since 2003, she has assisted New York Times technology columnist David Pogue’s with many projects, including his Missing Manual book series and NYT videos. You can catch her Graphics Tip of the Week live each Wednesday night on the Your Mac Life internet radio show, which she also co-hosts.

During free time, you’ll find her carving the twisties on her sportbike or hanging with fellow Mac geeks. Lesa is a proud member of the BMWMOA, F800 Riders Club, DACS, NCMUG, Washington Appe Pi, and LiMac.

Lesa Snider, Deborah Meier, Lella Gandini, Peter Reynolds, Brian Silverman, Cynthia Solomon and Sylvia Martinez will all be at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2009! Will you?

Constructing Modern Knowledge provides a rich learning environment in which educators have the time, resources and inspiration to learn via the creation of personally meaningful technology projects while interacting with some of the wisest educators of our time. Social events include an opening institute dinner plus a reception at the legendary FableVision Studios before a big night out in Boston.

Constructing Modern Knowledge respects the budgets of schools and educators by keeping registration costs affordable and by offering team discounts. The institute is appropriate for all K-12 educators, administrators and teacher educators.

One thought on “She Literally Wrote the Book on Photoshop!

  1. Gary-

    As a long time follower as well as a long time PS user (since 1994) as an educator (and mostly amateur photographer) I appreciate this highlight of Ms. King. Her level of expertise in this area is pretty fringe among public school educators in my experience, and yet I believe it really holds huge untapped potential.

    Normally, I shy away from such heavily-linked posts, but this one contains a ton of really super models, resources and suggestions. I appreciate a link expert. There are a ton of new things here with are quite applicable. This post helps me.



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