June 19, 2024

Two New Encounters with a Legend

Few authors, activists, intellectuals or teachers move me like Jonathan Kozol. For nearly a half century, Kozol has given voice to the optimistic, playful, scared, sad and hungry children in our society. He spends time with the children most of us never think about and confronts us with our spiritual beliefs and the policies that most acutely affect the least of us in society. To meet a man with the greatness, humility, decency and literary genius of Kozol would be a miracle. To be able to work with him is a rare gift. To have him introduce me at Constructing Modern Knowledge 2011 as “one of my oldest friends in education” was a blessing I will never forget. Watch his CMK11 talk.

After far too long of a hiatus, Jonathan’s latest book, “Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America,” is out today! I have read the galleys and the book is riveting, profound, tragic, hopeful and beautifully written. You should read it AND buy a copy for a friend or colleague. Click to buy from Amazon.com.

Jonathan Kozol & Gary Stager at CMK 2011

This school year, Constructing Modern Knowledge will expand beyond its unique summer institute (July 9-12, 2013 – Manchester, NH) to offer some exciting new learning opportunities for learners and parents. The first event by Constructing Modern Knowledge Productions is in collaboration with my colleagues at the Willows Community School in Culver City, California.

On September 10th at 7:00 PM, The Willows Community School will host An Evening with Jonathan Kozol, Acclaimed Author and Educational Activist. Due to the generosity and public mindedness of the school, the event is free and open to the public! Reservations are required via the web site.

At this event, Kozol will speak and sign his new book, Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America. I hope you will join us for this very special evening!

One thought on “Two New Encounters with a Legend

  1. Thank you Gary for having Jonathan speak at your venue, and for making it available here. Someday I hope to make enough from my teacher’s salary to attend CMK, or better yet convince an administrator to sponsor me! I saw Jonathan speak at a free event (a year after his “Letters” book came out) here in San Diego at a church in Balboa Park. He stayed at the event well past midnight, which he promised, to speak with anyone who wanted to talk to him personally. Caring, Critical, Compassionate, and an example to all of what an educator can be. Hero status for me personally. I only wish his engagement venues were better publicized. So, thank you and carry on.
    5th GradeTeacher
    San Diego, CA
    PS Would love to see you here in Southern California again. Last time was in Palm Springs at CUE many years ago. You put the hook in me, and changed my way of thinking regarding student capabilities. Cheers!

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