February 24, 2024

I’m so tired!

I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of arguing with idiots.

I’m so tired of educators making up useless acronyms.

I’m tired of being told how kids know so much more than me.

I’m tired of conference speakers telling us that we are in the midst of a revolution, but not supporting that argument with facts.

I’m so tired of blowhards crapping on about creativity and then appearing in Pearson videos.

I’m sick and tired of folks not understanding what happens to a kid after their first Logo program works.

I’m tired of dreaming of 1:1 computing 22 years after I first did it.

I’m tired of people telling me that a phone is a computer and that all you need is a browser.

I’m tired of teachers bending over backwards to find the good in things that are inherently bad.

I’m tired of whole class instruction.

I’m tired of charter schools.

I’m tired of mayoral control.

I’m tired of student speech rights being eliminated.

I’m tired of art, music and science programs becoming extinct.

I’m tired of The Common Core before it has begun.

I’m tired of BYOD and other clever ideas designed to make us feel good about screwing kids out of opportunities they deserve.

I’m tired of the blogosphere.

I’m tired of ISTE and what they’ve done to what used to be the largest gathering of forward-thinking scholars and education revolutionaries.

I’m tired of tech coordinators whining and shopping and blocking and not using computers to amplify student potential.

I’m tired of tech directors who have never made anything more than their CV on a computer.

I’m tired of computer-using educators who equate new with better and important.

I’m tired of teachers not defending themselves or their students from the evil forces set to destroy their public schools.

Oh, by the way… The entire teaching force of the State of Victoria (Australia) is going out on strike Thursday over a contract dispute. They’re not only not going to school, but they will be assembling en-masse in the state capital.

I guess that the murder of democracy, labor rights and public education is insufficient to incite the teachers of Philadelphia, NYC or Louisiana to stand up and scream, “Over my dead body!” If teachers won’t protect their rights, dignity or economic security, how can kids trust them to stand between themselves and the madness?

11 thoughts on “I’m so tired!

  1. I love to write . . . but blogging feels so isolating. Now, I spend time talking with former students who have gone on to be teachers, encouraging them, mentoring them, learning from them.

  2. I’m tired of teachers who blindly support programs such as AR because their schools require it. Take a little bit of time and read the research. And no, don’t just read the research on the website of the program your school is paying for!!! Of course it’s biased! Ugh!!!!!!!

  3. Apathy, misinformation, and lack of vision stop many from standing up and saying “NO MORE!” The insidious creep of governmental control and business meddling, education charlatans, and keeping teachers distracted by a myriad of new initiatives, mandates, expectations, paperwork, and fear have all contributed to the place that we find ourselves today. How is it, for example, that students in Quebec can successfully and visibly organize and protest for 6 months over tuition hikes and other governmental initiatives yet by and large, we have been silent through all of this nonsense?

    While I always appreciate your continual expressions of injustice in all of this, what is more scary is that many [educators] will read/hear similar sentiments and ask themselves, “Who is this nut? What is he talking about??”

    Keep joining with the small throng that cares about this stuff!!

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