July 23, 2024

Add This to the Web 2.0 Curriculum

Here’s a cute little wrinkle in the Wikipedia story. CIA, FBI Computers Used for Wikipedia Edits. Apparently, the FBI and CIA are “fixing” the history of the Iraq War and the US prison in Guantanemo Bay before the history is even written. The Bush Administration has never hesitated from changing online press conference transcripts or “tinkering” with the ERIC and What Works databases. These folks sure are through!

How will you explain this to your computer literacy students?

3 thoughts on “Add This to the Web 2.0 Curriculum

  1. A reiteration of Stephen Downes post – Does seeing what changes are actually being made by the political spin machine help us to get a greater understanding of how all types of media is manipulated by governments. I’ll add this to my media literacy curriculum next year.

    One need only watch CNN. In editors and producers we trust? I wish there was a CNN BS Scanner.

    (Glad your writing online where Canadians can actually respond 😉 )

  2. While my students love to go to the Wikipedia, I am very upfront about the fact that anyone can contribute and that you have to understand the motives of those that do. You simply cannot trust everything you read there. You need to find other sources to back up your information. Whether it is the CIA, the FBI, or some 15-year-old kid, anyone can change information.

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