May 18, 2024

Troubled by the Similarities Between GW Bush and Obama

I am a lifelong Democrat and will support the eventual nominee. I like Obama a lot. I just think that Americans should know what he believes and what he would do if elected. I have long worked for minority candidates and underdogs. I was 1 percent of Jesse Jackson’s vote in 1984 in my hometown and supported Geraldine Ferraro and Jane Harmon. It would be fantastic for an African American to be President of the United States.

However, the similarities between George W. Bush and Obama scare me.

Both had Ivy League educations, put on fake southern accents, go with their “gut” feelings over facts, dismiss experience and have never done anything before.

Both President Bush and Senator Obama have campaigned as “Uniters.” Haven’t we learned that lesson?

I’m not looking forward to 4-8 years of amateurs and staff running the country.

This all plays into the Andrew Keen stuff about the cult of the amateur and extends the growing anti-intellectualism in our culture.

The system is indeed broken when one junior high school popularity contest causes people with a lifetime of expertise to drop out before a vote is cast. Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Clinton and even Kucinich have a record of accomplishments that Obama does not share.

3 thoughts on “Troubled by the Similarities Between GW Bush and Obama

  1. Why do you like Obama? Is that a gut feeling or does something else influence you. My point is… just because they both act on gut feelings doesn’t make them similar. Also, how many Presidents and candidates have been through Ivy league schools? Just these two? are these the only political candidates to have run as a “Uniter?” I think your comparisons a far off and have not been thought through.

    You might be better off finding dissimilarities. Who stands for big business? Who is in bed with BIG money? Who speaks intelligently?

  2. How many of the people you list supported the Iraq war?

    I would not support someone who voted for the war. Period.

    I think that this sort of sentiment is playing a major role in the Democratic campaign.

  3. Obama is Democrat’s GW Bush!

    This country will suffer irreparable damage when these two “gutsy” guys are done.

    We like them because we want to be able to sit down and have a beer with them.

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