May 25, 2024

For Further Study

The following are some links to articles and other resources to support Dr. Gary Stager’s Fireside Chat, “The Education Revolution?” at Trinity College, The University of Melbourne – 2 September 2009.

Personal resources

Brand New: A Sneak Peek at Obama’s Speech to School Children

Gary Stager’s cover story, School Wars, from GOOD Magazine

Gary Stager’s article about Australian Deputy PM Julia Gillard’s education adviser, Educators can learn nothing from Chancellor Klein’s visit (from Crikey)

The Surge Against First Graders

Shocked! Shocked! Reading First Plagued by Corporate Welfare, Cronyism and Demonization

This article nearly got my entire editorial team fired for what the magazine owner viewed as an unfair (and now proven) attack on President George W. Bush prior to his re-election.

Gary Stager’s recent spotlight presentation from the National Educational Computing Conference (high-quality video) – Learning Adventures: Transforming Real and Virtual Learning Environments

Gary Stager’s recent keynote debate from NECC – Recipe for a Disruptive Keynote

Articles and papers by Dr. Stager

My manifesto for teachers and principals

Recommended books and other resources

Constructing Modern Knowledge

The Constructivist Consortium

Other recommended resources