July 23, 2024

What the Hell is Veronica Mars?

Last night, around 4 AM, I was awake in a Canadian hotel room and watched my first episode of some show called, Veronica Mars. Canadian TV kept running interstitials announcing that really naughty stuff could appear at any moment. That was the only reason I endured the entire episode. Alas, it was a lie.

I consider myself somewhat literate and perceptive, but after investing an hour in the program I have no idea what it was about or who the characters were supposed to be. Are they cops? Baby-sitters? Spies? Midgets? (I know that’s politically incorrect)

Perhaps one of my colleagues in the blogosphere is down with Veronica Mars (and all things youth culture) and can explain it to me.

2 thoughts on “What the Hell is Veronica Mars?

  1. Your Veronica Mars experience will vary depending on which season you saw. The basic premise is that Veronica is sort of a teen detective; that is, her dad is a detective, and she works for him occasionally and freelances around school etc a lot. It is basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer without monsters or magic: well plotted, smart, class conscious tv. Also they deal with kids’ lives online a lot.

    Season one is great; two, the wheels start to come off, but it is still worth one’s time; season three is reportedly terrible, so I haven’t seen it.

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