July 24, 2024

Critical Analysis of Tom Friedman’s Books

A few years back, my criticism of Tom Friedman’s book, The World is Flat and harsher criticism of educators who sought direction from it, Reading Fads: Why Tom Friedman Does Not Compute, made quite a splash in the blogosphere.

I tried, with humor, to express the sloppy logic, shoddy journalism, factual errors and terrible educational advice contained between the covers of Friedman’s book, but I have been outdone.

Rolling Stone political reporter Matt Taibbi has published two stunning, profanity-laced, witty and thoughtful disections of Mr. Friedman’s work in the following articles from the NY Press.

Flat ‘N All That (about Friedman’s latest book, Hot, Flat and Crowded)


Flathead: The Peculiar Genius of Thomas L. Friedman (2005 review of The World is Flat and other writing by Tom Friedman)

Both articles are worthy of your time and consideration, especially if you are an educator who totes and touts Thomas Friedman.

Warning: The commentary is adult in tone and language.


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6 thoughts on “Critical Analysis of Tom Friedman’s Books

  1. Gary – Thanks for the links. Always know I can rely on you to puncture the hypeospere that surrounds books like this. And the world – not so simplistically flat and the mind not so whole-new either.- Josie

  2. Thank you for sharing these links to critics of Friedman. I read “The World is Flat” and I am in the middle of “Hot, Flat, and Crowed” and I had yet to read opposing views to Friedman’s. After reading “Flat ‘N All That” I will have to research Friedman’s arguments more carefully.

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