April 12, 2024

The Greatest Music Video Ever?

I recently discovered this “fantastic” music video while trolling through YouTube (probably instead of working).

It’s a music video by Eddie Murphy, called Whazupwitu? Not only does it include every conceivable music video cliché (clouds, notes floating through the air, spinning, hearts, black and white singer in a colorful world, peace signs, doves, gravity-defying walking, etc…), but the backup singer on the cut is Michael Jackson (in full regalia).

If you can get past the sad clown exclaiming “The elephant is dying” and the 80s “Cameo-style” vocal-effects, something amazing happens at the 1:48 point – right before the Harlem Boys Choir appears (the best cliché of them all). That’s when Michael Jackson realizes that he is Eddie Murphy’s backup singer and decides to mop the heavens with the ostensible star of the production, Mr. Murphy.


Try getting the song out of your head! I dare you!