July 23, 2024

3 thoughts on “No, Photos?

  1. 100% agree. I’ve sometimes even resorted to creating comics when pictures aren’t appropriate – but they often lack impact and the energy is missing.

  2. Alas. yesterday, first full day back to school my kids were handed the “no photo” edict. Feels like a step backward.
    My first inclination is to ask, “What is it that you don’t want parents/community to see?”
    But I already know about minors, privacy, etc. (having been a high school yearbook/photojournalism instructor.)
    But sadly, the kids ARE telling beautiful stories — stories that paint their school in a wonderful light. Now they’ll just — like you said — wish they could show. They’ll use their words.
    Until after school.
    What will it take for the institution to realize this action hurts more than protects?
    Further, WHY do you think this new rule would be announced now, to kick off the year?

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