February 25, 2024

An Amazing Affiliation

I am enormously pleased to share some great news.

I am honored to be invited to serve as a Senior Education and S.T.E.M. Consultant with Fielding Nair International. Fielding Nair (FNI) is widely heralded as the best school design and architecture firm in the world. FNI does not just build boxes for children, they view their mission as “Change Agents for Education.”

Three years ago, I met FNI partner Prakash Nair at the first Educon and was blown away by his passion for progress and knowledge of learning theory. I rarely meet education scholars who know as much about the history of school reform or how learning occurs as Prakash does.

I am quite fortunate in that my work takes me to public, private, charter and international schools around the world. I work in hundred year-old buildings and brand new schools. One of my clients is a brand new 500,000 square feet international school. I am often amazed by how new schools continue to be constructed ignoring all of the lessons of the past and doing little to prepare for the future of learning.

Spend some time watching the videos of Fielding Nair’s work or tour some of their design projects and you are sure to be impressed. It’s an honor to join old friends and respected educators, like Dr. Stephen Heppell, on the FNI team. I look forward to helping them change the world for kids.

My (excessively long) bio from the site may be found here.

4 thoughts on “An Amazing Affiliation

  1. Congratulations Gary. Very good news.

    We just had FNI here at Poughkeepsie Day School at a board retreat talking design for learning. Their work and thinking on issues of design and learning are exciting.
    Great stuff.

    – Josie

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