July 23, 2024

Why I Teach

I just received this photo from a second grade teacher I worked with last month in South Korea. I spent a week teaching programming (via MicroWorlds EX) and robotics (Pico Crickets & LEGO WeDo) to first through third graders while consulting with other grade level teachers and the senior leadership team.

I also received a very sweet thank you note from a 3rd grader via Facebook (I know 3rd grader ≠ Facebook).

2 thoughts on “Why I Teach

  1. This is awesome. The sentiment. The idea. The words.

    My wife has been looking at Pico Crickets while thinking of one very special little four year old. She’s thinking it might be a wee bit of a scaffold, but might be just exactly the sort of thing that fits her in so many ways. Too young? Age independent in the hands of two constructivist-leaning educators? Thoughts?

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