April 24, 2024

Free Software, Computer-rich Learning Adventures & Alfie Kohn!

Only a few days remain for early-bird registration!
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Attendees get free software from Tech4Learning (Frames, Pixie, ImageBlender, WebBlender, Twist)and LCSI (MicroWorlds EX) in addition to four days worth of immersive project-based learning, world-class guest speakers and terrific social events.

Constructing Modern Knowledge

Hosted by Dr. Gary Stager
July 28-31, 2008
Manchester, NH

For more information, go to www.constructingmodernknowledge.com.

Sponsored by The Constructivist Consortium and the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation

One thought on “Free Software, Computer-rich Learning Adventures & Alfie Kohn!

  1. For your readers: That’s free, as in beer, software. Too bad such a great sounding conference pushes “free” proprietary software on educators. Apparently, propagating technical and social barriers is a part of constructing “modern” knowledge.

    Oh and the best part, I see some (all?) of this shackleware requires a proprietary OS in order to “learn” with it. But who cares… it’s FREE!

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