June 19, 2024

Something to Think About as You Enjoy the Olympics

Here are just two articles about how the Chinese Government has refused to honor their deal to allow press freedom and abide by common principles of human rights during the Olympics. They lied, NBC who has spent billions on the games and is reported to earn over $100 million has done little to report on Chinese atrocities and the International Olympic Committee says, “Oops.”

Not a single permit was awarded for the “official protest areas” set up as a Potemkin Village by the Chinese tyrants. iTunes was shut-down because athletes were able to download “Songs for Tibet.” Journalists have been arrested and old ladies were sentenced to “reeducation” for being upset about their houses being taken from them to make way for the Olympics.

China’s PR Fiascos: Blocking iTunes Just the Latest in Ongoing Olympics PR Disaster

China Sentences 2 Elderly Women To Labor Camp For Protest Plans

5 thoughts on “Something to Think About as You Enjoy the Olympics

  1. No hint of any of this during the TV coverage. It’s the hidden side that needs to be exposed – ongoing human rights violations while simultaneously earning the greatest number of gold medals and having excellent PR sponsored by NBC. No cost to China.

  2. China has to decide if they want to be a true world player or not. The repression of protest of any kind is a real problem IMHO

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