May 25, 2024

Sweet Olympic Moment

In 1992 and 1996 I bet on the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team and gave my Aussie friends 50 points. I won both times, but was nervous in one game when Australia came within 48 points!

I love a rout and cannot wait to see the Olympic “Redeem” Team play the world’s best. I’m thrilled that the NBA players are taking the responsibility of representing our country seriously. It’s great to see them at the opening ceremonies. I bet that Coach Krzyzewski urged the team to soak up the Olympic atmosphere as well as prepare for their matches. I don’t remember other “Dream Teams” at the Opening Ceremonies.

While watching the Opening Ceremonies on DVR, I just saw Kobe Bryant posing for photos with starstruck atheletes from other countries. After posing for a art outstreched digital self-portrait snapped by a Russian athlete, Kobe reached out to shake hands and could be heard asking, “How do you say, ‘Thank You?'”

Quite a nice Olympic moment Kobe! Now go mop the floor with Yao Ming’s team!