April 24, 2024

Why Do You Want My Slides?

Read my latest article Why Do You Want My Slides? in The Pulse: Education’s Place for Debate.

Each year I make dozens of presentations at educational events around the world. Nearly every presentation is followed by an audience member asking, “Can I have a copy of your PowerPoint?” Sometimes, they hand me a USB drive…

What do attendees intend to do with my slides?

One thought on “Why Do You Want My Slides?

  1. It’s all about “remixing”, right? Mostly, I think it is about not doing the research yourself and learning about things deeply in order to present them to others. Also, many teachers seem to be “handout scavengers” at conferences. I, too, am not sure what happens to them. However, I find myself bookmarking, subscribing, and participating in way more than humanly possible to read and process. Perhaps it is just a deep desire to keep learning sans the time to process it all. BTW, do you have a wiki where I can download all of your consciousness 😉

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