May 25, 2024

Vote for me!

Although I’ve been incredibly critical of Ed in ’08, they are giving out awards for education bloggers next week in Washington D.C. Wouldn’t it be ironic if someone so critical of Bill Gates and Eli Broad turning schools into Dickensian sweatshops won an award from that organization?

C’mon friends, Romans and twitterers! Can we do it? Yes, We Can!

Go to

and vote for any or all of the following blogs:

I thank you!

3 thoughts on “Vote for me!

  1. Stephen,

    From what I understand, ED in ’08 is to blame for Nancy Kerrigan’s knee injury, 9/11 and – this part is only an unfounded rumor – Tupac Shakur’s murder.

    Common sense and experience would tell us that this blog vote is just the next episode in a series of injustices. I suppose we will have to wait and find out whether it’s true.

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