May 25, 2024

Seize the Teachable Moment!

Have you discussed the issues surrounding the current Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike with your students? If not, why not?

This is a great opportunity to discuss:

• new media
• intellectual property
• labor history
• human rights
• the American middle class
• unions
• contracts
• negotiation
• the nature of work
• creativity
• royalties/residuals
• economics
• point of view/perspective

and a host of other issues that will capture the imagination of your students and engage them in matters of critical importance to their future.

3 thoughts on “Seize the Teachable Moment!

  1. I’m seizing the moment to say something to you from a veteran teacher close to retirement—you crack me up!

    I have a lot of issues with all this Web 2.0 stuff but I use a lot of the tools with my students. I publish 3 blogs, and maintain several webpages. I read a lot of blogs and belong to a social network that discusses all this stuff day and night.

    Everytime I get a hepped up about something or read about it in multiple blogs—you have a contrary point of view. I like that, I’m not a real deep thinker and I like it that you make me stop and say “hmmm?” Keep it up.

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