July 23, 2024

Atoms are More Valuable than Bits

Hey Web 2.opians,

What do you think of this?

At Magazines, It’s 2.0 Steps Forward, 1.0 Step Back
The Web may be the future for magazine publishing, but in the present, ready revenue is winning out and Web writers are getting laid off left and right

Major magazines are CUTTING their web publishing divisions to focus on print magazine publishing, the part of the business that generates income.

The current issue of Wired includes an article, How T-Shirts Keep Online Content Free.

The simple reality is that work of quality costs someone something and at least in the foreseeable future, atoms may indeed me more valuable than bits.

One thought on “Atoms are More Valuable than Bits

  1. The simple reality is that print-based media is shedding readers like flies, with major publications going under and all publications laying off print staff.

    The simple reality is that quality journalism is rare, not expensive, and just as likely to be found online as on paper, and in both cases surrounded by a lot of substandard filler.

    Filler, I would say, like the Observer article. In one layoff, Sun media – which has the web presence of a donkey – laid off more staff than the entire population cherrypicked as examples of web layoffs (that’s 600 people, if you’re counting). http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/555048

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