June 14, 2024

Profound School Reform Advice from an Unlikely Source

My colleague showed me a web site for a local artisanal bakery in Los Angeles. He pointed out how this piece of what you might view as a mission statement for the Proof Bakery might be applied to schools.

…We are always experimenting. We change our menu often and constantly test new products and retest the old. Why? We are not master bakers. We have a strong foundation and many years of experience between us, but we learn new things everyday from our colleagues, books, blogs, each other. If you tried something one day, it might be a little different the next day and the next, until we can get it just right. If it’s not there anymore, then we just didn’t think it was that great. This constant experimentation is what keeps us interested and excited every day…

I suppose it might be interesting to turn this upside down and ask what sort of bakery your school’s mission would produce?