June 14, 2024

Online Introductory MicroWorlds EX Video Tutorials

Click here for links to MicroWorlds project ideas, plus four video tutorials I created for learning to get started with MicroWorlds EX and to create your first really cool Pacman-stye video game.

4 thoughts on “Online Introductory MicroWorlds EX Video Tutorials

  1. In short…

    MicroWorlds has a more robust programming language underneath it and leads to a greater range of project possibilities.

    Scratch is terrific and uses the web brilliantly, but is much more limited in what it can do and in the powerful ideas embedded within it.

    MicroWorlds EX Robotics can also control external robotics materials and the site license price makes the software quite affordable.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I just bought a site license for MicroWorlds EX and am very excited to begin introducing the world of constructivist learning and the excitement of programming to about 80 children in our county. I stumbled across your video tutorials, and enjoyed watching 3 of 4 of them, but was not able to download snacman1, as a message said the file was not on your site. Would it be possible for me to download this file some other way? Thanks!

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