June 19, 2024

I was Bullied

I was bullied by the older neighborhood kids.

I was bullied by the kids in the Scout troop.

I was bullied in elementary school.

I was bullied in middle school.

I was bullied in high school.

I was bullied as a freshman in college.

I was bullied in Hebrew School.

I was bullied in the Boy Scouts

I was bullied while working at Boy Scout Camp.

I was bullied by the sixth grade science teacher who threw a textbook at my head during class.

I was bullied by the 7th grade English teacher who filled my knapsack with heavy literature books and ordered me to hike laps in the “cluster” between classrooms for entire periods. I will write about him in great depth at some point.

I was bullied by the middle school newspaper advisor who followed me into the boy’s room, threw me up against a wall and threatened to kill me if we published another copy of our “unofficial” school newspaper.

I was bullied by a vicious 8th grade math teacher who helped me make the rapid transition from gifted math class to lowest track and destroyed my ability to learn high school math.

I was bullied by anti-Semitic scoutmasters who would not allow me to become an Eagle Scout without re-painting a church as my project.

I was bullied by phys-ed teachers who often engaged in physical and verbal abuse.

I was called, Dexter, Poindexter, Boink, F#g, F%ggot, Dork and countless other names on a bazillion occasions.

My 12th grade math teacher (a great educator) gave me a 30-second head-start to run out of class so I could avoid the violence of my classmates.

Facebook was unnecessary. It would have been redundant.

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