May 25, 2024

Donald Graves R.I.P.

The world lost another great educator recently. Donald Graves, passed away at 80 years-old in late September. Graves was the author of numerous books on teaching and literacy. His most important contribution was as “the father of the writing process.”

If you are not familiar with Dr. Graves’ work or many books, your students would benefit from you reading his classic book, A Fresh Look at Writing or Writing: Teachers & Children at Work. Graves also authored the terrific small book, Testing Is Not Teaching: What Should Count in Education

One thought on “Donald Graves R.I.P.

  1. Sad news. We also recently lost Hedley Beare, a much loved and respected educator from Australia I was fortunate enough to have as a mentor when just getting started in ed leadership. These forerunners still have much to offer educators today.

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