November 28, 2023

The Most Ugly Side of Private Schools & Web 2.0

You must read this article from New York Magazine, Testing Horace Mann.

When students created Facebook pages that viciously attacked a teacher, and when their wealthy parents on the school’s board defended them, Horace Mann was forced to confront a series of questions: Is a Facebook page private, like a diary? Is big money distorting private-school education? And what values is a school supposed to teach?

When students post racist and sexist attacks on a highly-qualified teacher, it is that teacher and her defenders who are fired by an uber rich school much more concerned with their children realizing their birthright at Harvard than with education or doing the right thing.

One thought on “The Most Ugly Side of Private Schools & Web 2.0

  1. I really think, as more and more of these social network scandals break, that sociologists will begin studying the effects of Facebook and Myspace at length. It’s amazing the havoc that such connectability can wreak, especially in a school setting. I’m fortunate that I was out of school before Facebook became popular.

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