July 22, 2024

Hey Web 2.0 Community – Anderson Cooper is Cool Like You!

Last night during his hard-hitting hour of asking random people why Elliot Spitzer’s wife stood by the disgraced Governor’s side, daredevil journalist Anderson Cooper announced that he was “liveblogging throughout the show.”

Besides the extraordinary multi-tasking ability required to speak with countless remote experts making things up while liveblogging, I feel compelled to point out that the only way Anderson Cooper 360 could become more shallow or superficial is by reducing its cartoon version of the news to a liveblogged summary of its cartoon version of the news.

Here is a gem from yesterday’s AC 360 blog. Please someone alert the Pulitzer Committee stat!

Standing in front of Ms. Dupré’s apartment last night, I got that awful feeling that I was contributing to the glamorization of prostitution. A fancy address, a doorman, young fashionable people walking in and out, with the implicit message: “all this could be yours if you enter the world of so-called high end hookers”.

Having seen my share of women who are suddenly famous because of the people they “service”, I can say Ashley Dupré is in for a rough ride.

Read between the lines of her MySpace story and I see a young girl, confused and simply used by so many in her life. She even told the NYTimes she doesn’t know how she can pay for her apartment since a man she was living with walked out.

All of it tragically sad, and sadly glamorous in a spotlight that I feel will leave Ms. Dupré in a dark shadow once we in the media focus our lights elsewhere.

– Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigations Unit Correspondent