May 30, 2023

Another Moralistic Hypocrite Faces Charges

“I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t watch a movie without seeing sex, nudity or extreme violence. I don’t understand why they’re trying to keep that in there.”

Those were the words of Daniel Thompson, founder of Clean Flicks, the Utah company that sanitized Hollywood movies for people who want all of their thinking done for them. Major directors, such as Steve Spielberg, sued Clean Flicks for rampant copyright violation (you can’t paint underpants on Michelangelo’s David for example).

Well, it now seems that Puritanical entrepreneur Daniel Thompson is in BIG TROUBLE – lots more trouble than when he was convicted for selling unregistered securities a few years back. Authorities believe that Clean Flicks was a front for a pornography studio and that Daniels had solicited sex from 14 year-old girls (after all, they’re not old enough to watch “Saving Private Ryan”). The girls were also asked to appear in one of his movies. Authorities say that Daniels paid two 14 year-old girls $20 for oral sex for himself and a friend. A 16 year-old girl helped Daniels recruit underage “talent.” There is reason to believe that he tried to get girls intoxicated as well.

A former employer who fired Danies from managing a clothing store said, “He was always talking about fighting Hollywood for the good of the children.” Touching stuff!

The Daily Herald newspaper also reports the following:

Thompson also was founder and former member of Truth in Politics, a group started in 2006 purportedly to expose the people behind anonymous political attacks. The idea for the group was conceived at Thompson’s former CleanFlicks dealership in Orem.

Daniels is the latest moralistic scold to be exposed as a jerk. He joins Hypocrite Hall of Fame members Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Bob Livingston, Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, Rudolph Giuliani and Rush Limbaugh. Unlike the others, Daniels faces serious jail time.

Teach your kids to run away from men who lecture your family on how to behave.

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  1. For the record, Daniel Thompson, nor the other gentleman charged had any direct affiliation with CleanFlicks. A press release with more information should be up on CleanFlicks Web site later today.

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