February 1, 2023

Paris Hilton for President!

She is a modern genius! You have got to watch this video clip!!

Article about Paris Hilton’s need to respond to John McCain

Link to the video below

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Paris is tougher, quicker, funnier, more media savvy and hotter than Obama too!

2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton for President!

  1. To be honest, the unexpected shift in tone/vocabulary Paris offers mid-way through this video-spoof — the “hybrid” moment — would be a delightful example to use in class with public speaking students to demonstrate how clarity of language mixed with the ‘unexpected’ can — momentarily — lead one to believe that even Paris (gulp) has a few things to say about our country’s future.

    Plus, it’d give mad street cred to any teacher who has the cajones to go there with his/her kids (with a touch of mystery as to whether it is a joke or truth).

    Something tells me my advisees — at the very least — will get an edited version (minus the “b***es” comment towards the end) soon after the first day of school rolls around.

    Cheers to you for catching this vid, Gary.

  2. Paris obviously has some marketing savvy… she can turn anything into a PR boost for herself

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