November 28, 2023

The Banned Collection – Issue 1

I’ve been writing for magazines for about a decade and on occasion the publisher or Editor-in-Chief objected to the content of a column and refused to punish it. On other occasions I would not make changes I felt would dilute my argument or insult the intelligence of the reader.

It seems like the blogosphere is a good place to share these “controversial” articles.

Think Different – Lose the Cart was an open letter I wrote to Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2002 imploring the company to stop selling laptop carts.

The magazine thought that Apple might be offended. I stand behind the article six years later at at time when schools are inexplicably tethering laptops to desks.

One thought on “The Banned Collection – Issue 1

  1. Apple tried to get us to order a cart with our laptops for one campus recently. Told them no thanks since they were meant to be portable and not necessarily stuck in groups of twenty. I am using the Higher Ground cases since they offer the opportunity to utilize the laptop while still in the protection of the carrying case and extra protection while in storage. I did order the battery kiosk where anyone can grab a fresh battery as they check the laptop out of the library, though.

    Some are nervous about the whole individual checkout deal, but we will see how it works out. I expect that the flexibility of getting one when the urge/need strikes will spark some creativity in our students. If all goes as planned, we might look at a 1:1 program, but it is not in the financial cards right now.

    Thanks for the article link.

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