July 23, 2024

Blogger is Kicking My Butt!

Dear loyal readers:

I apologize for my blog being down over the past week or so. Blogger has been making it impossible for me to update my blog by generating intermittent errors for which there seem to be no solution (thus far at least).

If necessary, I will shut-down my entire web site at stager.org, move it to a new hosting provider and create a WordPress blog for Stager-to-Go.

Lots of people have been generous with advice to switch to WordPress. I know that WordPress is superior to Blogger. I even know how to create a WordPress blog. Constructing Modern Knowledge is evidence of my prowess.

However, I am trying to reduce my work and would prefer to spend my time writing, reading, preparing for my new class or learning new things than engaging in monkey-work on the web.

If this Web 2.0 stuff has any future, it’s dependent on it working reliably and transparently.

My parents have a TIVO that I bought them three years ago. I pay the monthly subscription costs as well. YESTERDAY, my mother told me that they just discovered that you can pause live TV with a TIVO!

There are millions of people like my mother who lack the technical expertise or desire to make this blog crap work. All I want to do is write and even that distracts me from more pressing work.

Don’t worry. The Stager web presence will be yuge and ginormous in 2009.

Happy New Year! (except for the idiot running Blogger)