July 23, 2024

Reflections on Constructing Modern Knowledge 2008

My summer institute, Constructing Modern Knowledge, was one of the most rewarding efforts of my career. I’m already working on how to make next year’s event even bigger and better.

Soon, more multimedia from CMK08 will be posted on the the web, but in the meantime a number of thoughtful reflections have been shared via the blogosphere.

Check out the blogs here.


4 thoughts on “Reflections on Constructing Modern Knowledge 2008

  1. So next year, will gratis proprietary software that runs only on Windows and can’t be studied/modified (i.e. constructed) be given to teachers for use in schools?

  2. It saddens me that you would choose to trivialize such a rich set of personal learning experiences with a nonsensical political polemic about GNU software.

    The event was about creativity and computing, not about specific software packages. Some of the software used was free and open source.

    The open-source community contributed nothing whatsoever to the organization, funding or execution of the event.

    Give away all of the software you wish. God bless you. I hope you have found a productive way to generate a food pellet.

  3. Gary, I’d love you to post a coherent explanation as to why the politics and educational philosophy behind free software is “nonsensical”.

    Perhaps you can start by pointing out the “nonsense” in the article here.

    It’s unfortunate you took my question to be an attack on the conference as a whole. In fact, when I first heard of it I strongly recommended educators I know to attend if they could (I mean, how can you go wrong with Alfie Kohn?). I just find the practice of handing out gratis, non-free software at an educational conference with constructivist leanings to be notably ironic.

  4. Hi Gary
    Wish I could have been there. One of these days I need to get across to the USA.
    May I mention that your first three links in the post are broken. Just a little typo.
    Best wishes,

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