July 24, 2024

An "Old School" Journalist Schools a New Media Hack

Bill Moyers is ambushed by a “reporter” for The O’Reilly Factor, and turns the tables on him with the help of a gaggle of reporters surrounding the guy. The end of the video is fantastic as the O’Reilly warrior is chased down by reporters asking questions about his journalistic ethics.

Try not to cringe!

2 thoughts on “An "Old School" Journalist Schools a New Media Hack

  1. Gary,
    I cringed but not for the reason you would think. I was embarrassed that Bill Moyers who I respect would lower himself to the level of Bill of O’Reilly. I think in a quiet moment Bill would agree with me.

  2. Ihor,

    Here is an opposing view…


    “That’s right. Fox News sent grown men with cameras to lurk behind doorways, hide in alcoves, and crouch in the bushes at night (literally) waiting to surprise two reporters in their seventies with angry questions and a boom mic.”

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