In November, I had a the great honor of working with my colleagues at the Omar Dengo Foundation, Costa Rica’s NGO responsible for computers in schools. For the past quarter century, the Fundacion Omar Dengo has led the world in the constructionist use of computers in education – and they do it at a national level!

While there, I delivered the organization’s annual lecture in the Jean Piaget Auditorium. The first two speakers in this annual series were Seymour Papert and Nicholas Negroponte.

The first video is over an hour in length and is followed but the audience Q & A. The second portion of the event gave me the opportunity to tie a bow on the longer address and to explore topics I forgot to speak about.

I hope these videos inspire some thought and discussion.

Gary Stager “This is Our Moment “ – Conferencia Anual 2014 Fundación Omar Dengo (Costa Rica)
San José, Costa Rica. November 2014


Gary Stager – Questions and Answers Section – Annual Lecture 2014 (Costa Rica)
San José, Costa Rica. November 2014

I’m taking a class of Pepperdine University doctoral students to Costa Rica for my Global Perspectives on Learning Technologies course. While there, we’ll be going on a school visit and have meetings at the Omar Dengo Foundation, the NGO responsible for supporting Costa Rica’s 25-year leadership in constructionism and computing.

I’ll also be giving in a lecture at the University of Costa Rica (the ad is gorgeous, but they gave me my mustache back). I’m not sure what I will talk about, because it’s in Spanish 🙂

I haven’t been in Costa Rica since 1991. It’s always nice to be in a country where they understand and respect Seymour Papert’s work. I am really looking forward to it!

Here are a few resources related to Costa Rica’s Computers in Education Program: