I Guess It’s the Thought that Counts


It’s my birthday! (“Hooray!” the voice in my head screams in the absence of any acknowledgement from actual humans.)

I love love love my two nephews, ages 8 and 10, but they just sent me a birthday eCard – yuck!

Type in an email address and voila! Your loved one has to watch a crappy animation that takes too long and conveys no real emotion.

I hate eCards!

Off to Disneyland…


2 Responses to “I Guess It’s the Thought that Counts”
  1. Paul Wilkinson says:

    I hope your nephews don’t read your blog.

  2. SherryC says:

    You know you are lucky they thought of you at all. Is there anything you don’t hate? There seems to be a lot of it in your blog.