Make your own lunch, fire up a colortini, and watch the pictures as they fly through the air!

Conrad Wolfram’s TED Talk

Teaching kids real math with computers

Kamii Videos

Double-Column Addition

Multiplication of Two-digit Numbers

Multidigit Division

Making Change – The difficulty of constructing “tens” solidly

Constance Kamii Direct vs Indirect Ways of Teaching Number Concepts at Ages 4-6
A comprehensive lecture explaining Piagetian ideas showing that although number concepts cannot be taught directly, they can be taught indirectly by encouraging children to think.

Kamii Games

Videos Suggesting a Potential MicroWorlds Activity for Constructing Understanding of Fractions

“Debbie” from the research of Idit Harel

Minds-in-Play from the research of Yasmin Kafai.

Math in the World

The Beauty of Math in Coral and Crochet by Margaret Wertheim at TED.

Stephen Wolfran’s Introduction to Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram’s Introduction to the Wolfram Language