Occasionally, a friend asks me to name my all-time favorite jazz CDs. That’s extremely difficult to do, especially since I own more than 1,500 of them.

Here is my Desert Island List of My Top Ten Jazz CDs of all-time. It is quite absurd that there are no CDs by Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis, Harold Mabern, Woody Shaw, Lee Morgan, Betty Carter, Charles Tolliver, Kenny Dorham, Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Billy Higgins, Jackie Mclean, Hank Jones, Barry Harris, Sonny Rollins, Kenny Barron, Lester Bowie, Duke Ellington, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Phil Woods, Count Basie, Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Heath or many others on the list. Many of these folks perform on the recordings listed below.

There is also no room for my current favorite musician Dianne Reeves (every one of her albums is a gem); my brilliant pals, Brian Lynch, Carl Allen or Branford Marsalis or my all-time hero Roy Haynes in the top ten.

Branford Marsalis’ recent album, Metamorphosen, will surely be remembered as one of the great recordings and bands of the early 21st Century.Simpatico

I was beyond honored to work on Brian Lynch’s project with Eddie Palmieri, Simpatico, which won the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album. This record gets better with each listening.

Gary Stager’s Top 10 Favorite Jazz CDs (in no particular order)

Classical entry – Takacs Quartet – Borodin – Smetna

Pop entry = Luther Vandross – The Best of Love OR Stevie Wonder – Natural Wonder

Al Green should be on this list too!

Someday, I will list more and assemble a gallery of the photos of me and the great jazz musicians I’ve met over nearly 30 years.

ictqatarIn March I had the great honor of being the keynote speaker at the 3rd ICTQatar ICT in Education national conference in Doha, Qatar. That was my 3rd trip to Qatar over the past couple of years.

Following my keynote, a nice young gentleman asked if he could interview me. I was happy to oblige and we found a vacant lounge area on the college campus where the conference was being held. That’s when the hijinx began.

First of all, the interviewer didn’t have a tripod. I convinced him that going handheld was a bad idea and helped him prop the camera on top of a camera bag. Then midway through the interview, one of his colleagues inexplicably walked into the lounge, headed to the light switches and cut our lights. After we objected, the guy spent a few minutes trying to turn the lights back on. After failing to do so, he shrugged and said, “Go somewhere else.” Eventually, the lights were turned on and a tripod emerged.

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Despite these technical difficulties, I believe that the interview came out quite nicely and I was able to explore some issues in-depth. You might think of it as my “UnTED Talk.”

If you have 42 spare minutes, you might wish to watch this video. Pleae not be put-off my the incredibly unattractive poster image displayed in the static video player below.

Many thanks to ICTQatar for the terrific job of putting the video on YouTube.


Watch Stager Webinar Now!

A few nights ago, I led a webinar for old friends in the State of Victoria (Australia) as part of an online course/seminar/learning community focused on issues surrounding effective 1:1 computing. The course is called 1 to 1 Next Steps. My webinar was entitled, “Creative Computing and the Case for Project-based Learning.”

You may now watch and listen to a recording of that webinar here.

The digital handout I created to accompany the webinar and stimulate further discussion may be found here. It is hardly exhaustive. I wanted to provide educators with just enough information to inspire their imaginations and generate discussion.

For those of you who have heard me speak before, there are indeed some familiar themes in this webinar. However, there are some new ideas expressed as well. Many of these ideas frame my work as a teacher educator, speaker, teacher and consultant.

As always, your comments are always welcome.


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Resources for 1:1 Next Steps Online Course

About Gary Stager

For 28 years, Gary Stager, an internationally recognised educator, speaker and consultant, has helped learners of all ages on six continents embrace the power of computers as intellectual laboratories and vehicles for self-expression.

ACEC 2010 marks Dr. Stager’s 20th anniversary of working in Australia. He considers Melbourne his second home and first keynoted ACEC in 1992. Gary led professional development at the world’s first laptop schools in Melbourne and Queensland in 1990 and since that time has worked with countless schools across Australia. He has worked closely with the Victoria and ACT Departments of Education and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne.

In addition to his two decades of 1:1 leadership, Gary has designed online graduate school programs since the mid-90s, was a collaborator in the MIT Media Lab’s Future of Learning Group and a member of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation’s Learning Team. A long-time colleague of Dr. Seymour Papert, Stager’s doctoral research involved the creation a high-tech alternative learning environment for incarcerated at-risk teens. He is a Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University where has taught across six graduate programs and Executive Director of The Constructivist Consortium and Founder of Constructing Modern Knowledge.

In 1999, Converge Magazine named Gary a “shaper of our future and inventor of our destiny.” The National School Boards Association recognised Dr. Stager with the distinction of “20 Leaders to Watch” in 2007. He is featured in the recent documentary, imagine it!² The Power of Imagination.

Gary was the new media producer for The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project – Simpatíco, 2007 Grammy Award Winner for Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year. Dr. Stager is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He leads his own annual professional learning institute, Constructing Modern Knowledge, in the United States.

He barracks for the mighty Richmond Tigers and the equally mighty New York Jets.

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Resources for before the webinar

Ten Things to Do with a Laptop keynote address presented at uLearn 2009 in Wellington, NZ – October 2009.
(69 minutes)

Hard and Easy: Reflections on my ancient history in 1:1 computing (2009)

Three articles on effective project-based learning (2009-2010) PDF file

Computing and the Internet in Schools: An International Perspective on Developments and Directions (1996)

Seymour Papert’s Computer As Material: Messing About with Time (1988)

Selling the Dream for 1:1 Computing
Advice and talking points for school leaders interested in building support for 1:1 computing.

Laptop School Self-Assessment (2000)
This was written on the 10th anniversary of 1:1 computing in Australian schools. How does your school measure up?

The Best Way to Make Enemies (2008) – Lessons learned from One Laptop Per Child

The Most Important Computer-using Educator in the World (2010)

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