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Is this a precursor to Wednesday night’s debate?

For all you mashup fans…

Gotta love Qantas!

I love Apple and their products, but this is beyond crass. Field trips to the Apple Store for your class! Parents with their American Express cards are also welcome.

When I first saw this advertised in the Sydney Apple Store last week, I chalked it up to the novelty of there only being one or two Apple stores on the entire continent of Australia. However, in an age where you have to dig for fossilized remains of field trips gone by, bussing kids to the mall to look at Apple products seems distasteful. Of course, all of this is at the school (or parents’) expense with Apple contributing nothing, but Skippy, the minimum wage sub-genius, to supervise the proceedings.

The real tragedy here is that educational computing in schools remains so immature and unsophisticated, that many schools will rightfully view this (commercial) opportunity as a way of enhancing their students’ education.

I’m sure ISTE is scrambling to figure out a way to make a buck off these field trips. Perhaps they’ll publish guide books, post-mall quizzes or standards for visiting the Apple Store.

Read my recent article related to ridiculous field trips, Enrichment Programs: The winners win more at the expense of their classmates.

For the past month or so, I’ve been the big old meanie who could love the messenger, but hate the shallow superficial condescending message of the wonderful Dallas Independent School District 5th grader and web video star burning up the YouTube charts.

You can read my concerns and see me flamed by educators deeply moved by the performance despite it having been created by the school district’s cynical desire to exploit a talented young child for central office propaganda purposes here. Can anyone else recall a school district writing a script for a kid in which he admonishes professional educators, rehearsing him for months and then placing the video on the district’s web site along with a calculated public relations campaign?

I wonder if Dalton Sherman’s appearance on the Ellen Show was an approved school absence?

Well, guess what? Young Dalton’s performance was indeed – dare I say? – lipstick on a pig.

While I still receive emails telling me that I MUST watch this amazing video on YouTube, the Dallas Independent School District is laying off 1,100 employees, including 400 teachers lectured by the fifth grader.

According to Education Week:

More than 400 of the lost jobs include teachers in the core subject areas of math, science, social studies and English.

Perhaps the school district would be well-advised to focus on fiscal management and education, rather than stagecraft. At the very least, Dalton’s next speech could be to the legislature asking why his teachers are prohibited from union organizing.

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (AP) — The father of a measurement known as the “Smoot” returned Saturday to be honored at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the school where he and his fraternity brothers invented it 50 years ago.

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Kids LOVE this story!

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So sad… school field trip to the Apple Store