As Bluto (Senator McCain) runs lying ads attacking Senator Obama for dissing “the troops,” the left is running a middle-school-quality stoner video for “young people.”

Way to go Net Roots. So funny, a voter will be insulted! You guys rock!

Won’t it be ironic when the Democrats lose the presidential election? LOL! ROTFL!

Ah gah gah ga gah gah gah gah gahhh! Hey, Olive!

After months and months of preparation, Constructing Modern Knowledge is about to begin!

Over the next few days, be sure to keep an eye on this blog site for updates and media files related to my event.

Participants will be tagging photos and blogs with CMK08.

Two planes, flew all night, drove an hour from New Hampshire to Boston
to take the spousal equivalent for the pizza of a lifetime at the 1926
original Pizzeria Regina in the North End.

We waited outside as we were told while carefully observing various
weirdos and then it was our turn, but not before being yelled at for
using our "Blackberrys." As loyal iPhone owners since day one, we
resent the slur.

We sat in our booth and adjusted the table before the waitress came
and moved it back.

When it came time to order, I began listing what I wanted on my pizza.
When I hit three items that I'm paying for, the waitress interrupted
me to exclaim, "That's enough," before she walked away.

I so miss the East Coast!

Snapped at Staples in Manchester, NH

Some of my best writing is in response to other people’s blogs. I must get in the habit of turning my comments on other people’s blogs into articles of my own. Here is an attempt at doing so…

A recent Will Richardson blog hipped me to a teacher named Dan Meyer who videoblogs.

Does this guy have a crew? I can’t find the time or bandwidth to point a tripod at my keynotes. If I do, I can’t find the time to edit the video and put it online. People ask me if every one of my sessions will be uStreamed. I use my computer for presentations and unless I want to publish a surveillance video, I can’t control the camera while I’m presenting either.

Keeping my content current, amusing and maintaining a sense of narrative is difficult enough. I’m not Al Franken reporting for Weekend Update from his One Man Mobile Uplink.

I marvel at the output of people like Meyer, but am not sure that I find the content particularly compelling. Questions such as the following pop into mind:

• Who is HIS audience?
• Why should we care about his day?
• Is the content interesting or the production values enviable? etc…

I’m grappling with another problem that may be related, but is causing me mental paralysis. I have too much I want to say, write and blog. This leaves me obsessing about what to do first and I don’t get around to doing any of it.

I also face the questions of:

• Who is MY audience?

• Why should people care what I think?

• Shouldn’t I spend my time writing my book or magazine articles?
Isn’t writing a book a lousy return on investment?

• Why won’t magazine editors leave my jokes and personal “voice” in my articles?

• Will I be “the mean guy” because I don’t follow the herd?

• Why don’t people understand that just because I debunk the shoulder-deep BS in edtech that I am an unapologetic advocate for its (largely unrealized) potential and that I get up every day to make the world a better place for kids?

David Warlick is a swell guy and one heck of a programmer. I read his blog regularly. Tw recent blog posts caught my eye.

David Warlick recently wrote the following in his blog:

Mostly, I’m catching up on e-mail and preparing for a keynote I’ll be delivering at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Conference in State College on Monday. Don’t ask me to explain — by I’m really struggling over what to talk about.

In June, David Warlick blogged about his forthcoming featured presentation at NECC.

The session description reads:

Description: The world is flattening, and not just economically. Learn about three converging conditions that are redefining education?and providing windows to the future. In this presentation, I will seek to examine and factor together three foundational disruptive conditions that are converging on our schools, each serving to disrupt schooling as we know it, yet also providing direction as we work toward new models for teaching and learning — Learning 2.0.

Warlick then goes on to ask the blogosphere to tell him what those “fundamental disruptive conditions” happen to be.

Am I missing something? Is David being humble or are conferences booking major speakers lacking the preparation or expertise required to educate and inspire the audience?

According to today’s Appleinsider

A recently published filing discovered by AppleInsider reveals work by Apple’s chief software architect to advance the Podcast beyond its static form and into a live interactive presentation medium suitable for use by educational institutes and businesses for their daily presentations. (

Edubloggers start your engines!